Salsa, Baker’s & Longtime Friends!

Happy Fantastic Friday everyone! I’ve been super busy this week! I won’t go all into it right now, but suffice it to say, I’ve had a fun and interesting week! I made a quick drive to Yukon yesterday, and visited my pals at the wonderful and spectacular Baker’s Photo and Video store. I decided to take salsa to them this time, and it was a batch of freshly made medium heat salsa, however, I got the feeling that it might have been a teensy bit warm for a few of my Baker’s friends. *sheepish shrug* Sorry if it was too hot guys and gal! I again had a fun and educational time at the store. I met a fellow named Rocky that had a Nikon D-700, which was way cool, and he is interested in our lovely Medicine Park area down here. Unfortunately though, each time he has been to Lawton he has seen people fighting in parking lots and now thinks our lovely town is violent.. 😦 That makes me sad because I know that Lawton may not be the shiniest place to live, but it’s home and I know alot of very good, non-violent people. 🙂 I hope Rocky will give L-town another chance! lol! :O) I rented a better 50mm lens so I could properly do a shoot on Saturday. Oh yeah! I have a darling soccer team to photograph early Saturday morning, and I am very excited about it! Can’t wait to catch their darling little faces on film! I’m doing action Memory Mates for them and it will be awesome!!! I digress… So after learning a few things and renting my lens, I started the drive home. They have Panda Express on the way home & it’s really yummy Chinese food, so I got some for the whole family & took it home to them. On the way home I talked to my dear friend Drieanna ([Dree-ahn-uh] for those that don’t knw her) We have been friends since 1st grade, and I am so glad to have her as one of my best and closest friends, even to this day. love ya Drie! :O) Then today I went to my part time job, and it was crazy busy, and I took care of everything there, then went to Sam’s to stock up on teenager food, as Mikey is having a few friends over tonight, then I came home, started making crock pot cheese, velveeta, sour cream, rotel, shredded cheeses, cream of chicken, and chicken broth, then turned my tiny crockpot on and put chili in it, and set the scene for 4 pre-teen and teenage boys plus family to have nachos for dinner. Chips, shredded cheese, a little rotisserie chkn, chili, ladle of cheese, a lil more shredded, top with guacamole, sour cream and homemade salsa.. yes that’s how you feed teenage boys and they don’t ask for 2nds cause they are F ULL!!!! LOL! that is my hope anyway! After I photograph the little ones soccer, I get to watch my Levi play the rest of his game, we miss him tonight as he’s spending the night at a friends’ house. I’m proud of him though, he played his violin first before he left! I think that is the 47th or so day in a row that he has practiced! Go Levi!! I’ve gotta work on pictures, and getting ready for my shoot on Sat. I am trying to upload more and more pics, and I apologize for the slow process, but I am getting there! Oh yeah, and I had my first order from my website this week!!! Thank you!! Love to all, G’nite..:O) Mandy

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