Saturday was great!

Hi all! I had a great Saturday! I met the little Pumas, Coach Paul’s team for pictures, and we had a great shoot! Those are some really fun and cute kids! Thanks for letting me be a part of their soccer careers! I am doing Action Memory Mates for their team. If you have a team or know of a team that needs their photos taken, please contact me! After my photo shoot, I went to the rest of Levi’s game and took action shots of the Big Pumas team. Then I went home and started the process of editing from my shoot. Then I had to take my rented lens back to Baker’s in Yukon, so I took Michael and his friend Willy with me, Levi was at Jon Paul’s house, and we returned the lens, and went over to Penn Square Mall, looked around a bit, then to Pier 1, then to Sooner Mall and Kirkland’s. I love, LOVE, did I say L*O*V*E those 2 stores! (Pier 1 and Kirkland’s) I got a couple of candles, but refrained from anything else, which was hard! lol! I will post a few teaser pics of both soccer teams on Monday. I hope everyone has a beautiful Sabbath Day! Love to all! Mandy :O)

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