Yep, it’s busy time!

Hi all! Sorry I have not been keeping you all up to date.. It’s been a very busy and trying time, lately. Most recently, my dear sweet friend Sue Nichols passed away from pancreatic cancer, and that has been hard on our whole family. We know she is without pain now and serving our loving Heavenly Father, but she has been part of our lives for a long time.. Football season is over, and I am going through literally thousands of pictures to find the best ones for the EMS banquet slideshow. It will be awesome! I am also working on certain individuals to get their pictures posted to my site. I am excited and working diligently on all of this, along with family photo shoots, nature, and now Basketball season is starting up! Wow, the fun never ends! LOL! One thing I am really excited about is the wedding I get to shoot the week of Thanksgiving, Dallas wedding on Tuesday, Lawton reception on Saturday, with Turkey day cooking inbetween! I have already started cooking and freezing ahead of time! Yahoo! I love the holidays and I am so ready to bake, decorate, and have Christmas parties!!! Yeah! Love to all! Thanks for checking here, and thank you for your time, patience, and for choosing me as your photographer for sports, families, seniors, weddings, you name it!

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