20 days ’til Christmas!!! Yay!

Hi all! Well, I have been busy,(yay!):-) but I have also been sick..(boo!) 😦    This is my favorite time of year. I love the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. My absolute fav. holiday is Christmas. I love the way the whole world gets into the loving and giving spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wish it was like that all year round. Hopefully one day it will, be but until then, I will be happy with the way people are during Christmas-time. I photographed a wedding in Dallas the week of Thanksgiving, and the reception in Lawton, I had sooo much fun with Rob ‘n’ Vicki, and they are truly a beautiful in love couple and they have God in their relationship, which is why I know they will do great! Congrats! Then this week I have basically been in bed. I have had Strep Throat that turned into a major sinus infection.. not my favorite thing on my list of things to have happen..lol! Oh well, at least I got it out of the way before Christmas! I am also working on individual football pictures as well as the slideshow for the football banquet. I have begun to take basketball pictures as well. I’m editing the wedding, and a family shoot. I love photography, and making people happy!! I’m sorry I have had some delays that have held me back some, but I am greatful for being able to get back to it! I wish you all a loving Merry Christmas, and pray you remember the reason for the season, Our Savior, Jesus Christ, and a Wonderfully Happy New Year! I hope to check in with you soon!

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