Imaging USA Photo Convention courtesy of PPA! Yay!

Am I behind on blogging or what?!! LOL! I took my hubby to San Antonio with me where we attended the PPA’s(Professional Photographers of America) Imaging USA Photography Convention! Jan 15th -Jan 18th and it was AWESOME!!!! I walked alot, which was great because it helped me lose 8 pounds! Along with Special K shakes, and bars, and the Wii! Then wow, all the seminars, workshops etc!! It was sooo fun! I learned tons, and am still processing everything.. there is so much info, and I believe that all were on sensory overload by the time they left! PS: There were over 10,000 people registered and in classes the first day! That is awesome to be around that much knowledge at one time! This is where my shout outs come… my friend, sister, and mentor April Hopkins was there, yay love her!; my friends and 1st set of mentors Robert Trawick, and his fiance, the lovely Terri Hatch-Bailey were there,(they ROCK!) and we got to hang with them a bit, as well as make new friends with some of their awesome photog friends such as, Ross and Brandyce Benton from San Antonio, great sweet people, and Dennis Maly from Yukon, OK -nice guy to have dinner w/ me and Lonnie, Kim and Holly from Choctaw, OK- fun gals that have our court system taken care of, Jack from San Antonio, a stand up guy that is merging from the military to civilian photography world… just an all around fun networking time.. also met some new friends, Jayne and Melissa from Illinois, and Reta and her hubby from Indiana, along with soooo many other great, fun new friends! As a result of being there I now have a new awesome Lab to deal with on a higher level of professionalism, and a new  way to make videos, and now I’m getting new software for editing, and I love it! I’m soooo excited! Love to all!

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