Does it drive you? Does it move you? What is your passion?

Hi all, I just wanted to share a little something of the epiphany that I’ve been having the last 2 days. I shared some of this with a good friend on a message earlier, and realized that I wanted everyone to know how I feel about this matter. As some of you that are my friends, or that follow me may know, I am currently staying w/ a sweet friend & her hubby, in OKC, so I can work a seasonal position at TeleFlora. I am doing something I am good at, talking to people on the phones, helping them with ordering flowers for Mother’s Day mainly, but a few other reasons from time to time. I’m really liking/loving it! However, I have truly realized over these last 2 days, that I love my photography more. I knew I loved it before, but  I love my photography too much to go back to full-time work. (unless life demanded it) It is my full-time job, along with my family, and I just need to work harder at it. Really and truly I have taken for granted the fact that I could just run out the door and take my camera and do a shoot. Or drop what I’m doing and go help a friend with a shoot. I hope to not take that for granted again. I have worked around 12 hours both days at my new little job, and folks, that is tiring.. I’m wiped out! LOL! And I’m missing my photography every minute! Yet I see the beauty in this lesson. These past 2 days have just shown & reminded me how much I love my photography, & how I am meant to do it, & want to do nothing else. It really drives me, & makes me want to do and be better all the time, so that I can produce the best moments & memories for my clients.
I am going to continue learning my craft, and honing my skills so that I can be  who I am, and give you the best of me. I have been to several classes where they have asked “Can you imagine doing anything else? If so, then maybe you are not a photographer” I never doubted that all I want to do is photography, I just took for granted the thought in my head “Of course this is all I want to do!”
Now, I can reaffirm to you all, Photography is my life! I’m passionate about it, it stirs & awakens my soul, I love it and I’m living it. Love to all!

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