Red, White and Blue

As my 2nd favorite holiday of the year swiftly approaches, I feel the need to do something patriotic w/ my blog/website. 🙂 Hence, the MLB, new look to my site. It is the only thing I could find that expressed my love of  R,W&B. Since my oldest son Michael just finished a traveling baseball season, and it is well… baseball season, I thought that for a short amount of time, it would serve my site well. I hope you like it!

If you have known me all my life, or for just a tiny space of time, then you know that I bleed Red, White & Blue, American style. In my old house, 4 months after we bought it and moved in, my husband went to Iraq. I decided that everything was a little too plain. I painted my kitchen walls Red-and I do mean, RED! LOL! I loved it, and I found the most awesome small paint roller that had sponge stars on it, so, yes, that’s right you guessed it… I dipped it in blue paint, and meant to just do a few “star bursts” on the ceiling, but found I didn’t like them alone, so I painted the whole kitchen ceiling blue stars. Then I put up a vintage patriotic angel border around the top next to the ceiling. There was no doubt how patriotic I was when you looked at my kitchen. I of course made other updates, but I won’t bore you with the details of my interior decorating for the whole house. (at least not right now, lol!)

I also always make sure that my whole family wears RW&B on the 4th of July. I try to do so for myself also on Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. I also make sure I am always registered to vote, so that my voice can be heard, and I can fulfill my patriotic duties. Wearing the clothes, painting the room, it’s just not enough. So this Independence Day while you are hopefully enjoying some sort of cook out with friends and family, please remember, it is not just another day to play. It is the day we, The United States of America gained our Independence! And it is a day when we can remember our valiant soldiers across the Armed Forces, and remember that they sacrifice on a daily basis to keep those Freedoms (that we all hold dear, and that some take for granted), Free.

So please take some time during your cookout, and sports watching and horseshoe throwing to think of a soldier, and their families who also sacrifice. And if you can on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social device you use, Thank them. Thank them for their Service, their Sacrifice, their family’s sacrifice of having them gone. You get the idea, you know what to do. Of course if you are lucky enough to see one in person, Active, National Guard or Veteran, then shake their hand, and Thank them for keeping you free. Yes, they may shyly duck their head and say “oh no problem”, or ” oh, no big deal, it’s what I do” because most soldiers are a humble group, but inside, their hearts will swell just a little to know that their time, and sacrifices have not gone unseen. To know that the freedoms they fight for are appreciated.

I wish you all to have a wonderfully beautiful Independence Day, a.k.a. 4th of July! I hope that you get to see fireworks, even if it is just on TV, like me. There are many areas where I live that are under burn & firework bans, so their will be no opulent fireworks displays for me to see and hear outside this year. I’m okay with this. I’d rather watch them on TV, than worry about my house and my friends houses burning down over one night of fun displays. There are fireworks of passion in my heart, for my family and my photography, so everything is sparkly to me. I pray the same for all of you. Love to all, M :o) PS: I’ve added some fun facts and the Declaration of Independence on another post for you all to peruse as well, and catch up on our history. Enjoy!

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