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Salsa, Baker’s & Longtime Friends!

Happy Fantastic Friday everyone! I’ve been super busy this week! I won’t go all into it right now, but suffice it to say, I’ve had a fun and interesting week! I made a quick drive to Yukon yesterday, and visited my pals at the wonderful and spectacular Baker’s Photo and Video store. I decided to take salsa to them this time, and it was a batch of freshly made medium heat salsa, however, I got the feeling that it might have been a teensy bit warm for a few of my Baker’s friends. *sheepish shrug* Sorry if it was too hot guys and gal! I again had a fun and educational time at the store. I met a fellow named Rocky that had a Nikon D-700, which was way cool, and he is interested in our lovely Medicine Park area down here. Unfortunately though, each time he has been to Lawton he has seen people fighting in parking lots and now thinks our lovely town is violent.. 😦 That makes me sad because I know that Lawton may not be the shiniest place to live, but it’s home and I know alot of very good, non-violent people. 🙂 I hope Rocky will give L-town another chance! lol! :O) I rented a better 50mm lens so I could properly do a shoot on Saturday. Oh yeah! I have a darling soccer team to photograph early Saturday morning, and I am very excited about it! Can’t wait to catch their darling little faces on film! I’m doing action Memory Mates for them and it will be awesome!!! I digress… So after learning a few things and renting my lens, I started the drive home. They have Panda Express on the way home & it’s really yummy Chinese food, so I got some for the whole family & took it home to them. On the way home I talked to my dear friend Drieanna ([Dree-ahn-uh] for those that don’t knw her) We have been friends since 1st grade, and I am so glad to have her as one of my best and closest friends, even to this day. love ya Drie! :O) Then today I went to my part time job, and it was crazy busy, and I took care of everything there, then went to Sam’s to stock up on teenager food, as Mikey is having a few friends over tonight, then I came home, started making crock pot cheese, velveeta, sour cream, rotel, shredded cheeses, cream of chicken, and chicken broth, then turned my tiny crockpot on and put chili in it, and set the scene for 4 pre-teen and teenage boys plus family to have nachos for dinner. Chips, shredded cheese, a little rotisserie chkn, chili, ladle of cheese, a lil more shredded, top with guacamole, sour cream and homemade salsa.. yes that’s how you feed teenage boys and they don’t ask for 2nds cause they are F ULL!!!! LOL! that is my hope anyway! After I photograph the little ones soccer, I get to watch my Levi play the rest of his game, we miss him tonight as he’s spending the night at a friends’ house. I’m proud of him though, he played his violin first before he left! I think that is the 47th or so day in a row that he has practiced! Go Levi!! I’ve gotta work on pictures, and getting ready for my shoot on Sat. I am trying to upload more and more pics, and I apologize for the slow process, but I am getting there! Oh yeah, and I had my first order from my website this week!!! Thank you!! Love to all, G’nite..:O) Mandy

Blue n Gold sausage, friends, etc.

Hi all! It’s been a busy week obviously since I need to catch up! To make this as short and enjoyable as possible, here is my week in review.. Monday I ran errands and worked on my website with pics. (click on the My Photo Store Tab I am updating little by little) Tues, I had company in the morning, then ran more errands, and had Michael’s 7th EMS football game to shoot(photography), then also shot 8th til halftime. Both teams are Rockin’ !!! Go Ike! Wednesday I got up at 2:20am and went to my part time job at 3:08am.. as I was supposed to drive some co-workers to Dallas for training, but only one showed up(besides me), so the boss decided to skip it, it wasn’t cost effective. Good choice! I came home and slept in for the first time in over a month or 2 & then got up at noon, and went to Sam’s for a few groceries, & snacks for my sweet little cubscouts that come every Wed. from 4:30-5:30PM. Then I rushed home and put the groceries away, and set the snacks out. Then we had cubscouts (Nine 8-9yr old boys) and thankfully a great helper, Jenny Jones! I’m soo thankful for Jenny’s help every week! Then Michael came home from football, and Levi and Mike got ready for their Scout Group at church at 7pm, oh and did I mention I cooked dinner somewhere in there, but it wasn’t ready in time for the boys so they ate when they came home from church. Then Thursday I went out to Central High my Alma Mater, I went there K-12 and loved it! I picked up my Blue n Gold sausage from Mr. Curry, and visited with him as well as Dawn(used to be Archer), Mr. & Mrs. Nease, Mr. & Mrs. Bussey, Ms. Whitehead, Ms. Alsobrook, Ms. Graham, and 2 of my graduating classmates, Kelli(teaches there now), and Shonda. It was great to see all my Broncho friends! I still think that school is AWESOME!!! Then I had BnG to pick up from Rebecca Brisolara, but got busy and forgot so picked it up on Friday. Mike had a friend over Friday night, and I got my house cleaned on Friday as well. Saturday I was in charge of a photo shoot at Medicine Park for my Wichita Wildlight Photo Society, did that from 8-11, then we met up at The Old Plantation and had lunch. I had lots of fun, and will post pics of that soon, made some new friends too! Then ran home did a flyer for soccer, unfortunately missed part of Levi’s soccer game, 😦 ran out to that saw the last 5 minutes, and then ran back to Medicine Park to help my dear friend April Hopkins on a family photo shoot. I was just extra hands this time, not a 2nd shooter like I have been for her at weddings. Then I came home rested a bit made myself a salad for dinner, and went to Wal-Mart at 11pm to get the food to feed the missionaries on Sunday. Then went to church today, and make Chicken Eenchilada White Chili. It was a busy week! I am glad to start having more clients, and I am glad to rest as well! g’nite, love to all! Mandy :O)

Fun-O-Rific Saturday! :O)

Hi all! I watched Levi and his U-12 Lawton Puma soccer team win their game this morning. Photographed it too of course! Then photographed Woodland Hills vs Sullivan Village U-8 and got some great shots of some really cute kids! Along with all that, I booked a soccer team to take their pics, and possibly a family! I am sooo excited! After that I came home, uploaded pics, did some editing, then went to International Festival, let the kids eat their favorites, then we rushed home, I changed clothes, and ran to church for the Relief Society Broadcast, and then home sweet home! 

I hope that as you read this, and follow me, that you will share with your friends, and send them to me, and that you will also come see me, so I can create memories that last a lifetime for you and yours. I am thankful for all referrals, for all business, and all the new fun friends I get to meet with photography. I know that without The Lord I have nothing, but that because of Him, I have what He allows. I am thankful to my Father in Heaven for the opportunity to help people, to serve, and to photograph people and build Memories for them. Love to all! G’nite! :O) – Mandy


Hi all! It was a Yukon kind of day today! I went to my part time job for a short bit in the morning. Then I came home and paid some bills, all is right with the world when I can do that! I know it might make me different, but I can’t rest if the bills are not paid. Then I made fudge for my friends in Yukon at Baker’s Photo and Video, and friends here too of course!!! While it was setting and cooling, I took a shower and got ready to drive up to Yukon. I am learning to enjoy my peaceful drives to see the crew at Baker’s. I enjoy their company, politeness , great customer service, and of course I love playing with all the gadgets and gear for photography while I am there too! If anyone needs anything photography-wise I encourage you to see them. I know the whole crew on a first name basis, Sarah, Nathan, Justin, Garrett(new just met today), Hank the owner, and Robert Trawick my mentor and friend. The entire staff is friendly and highly knowledgeable. And they are willing to teach you if you need teaching or refreshing. I enjoy taking them homemade fudge to thank them for all they do for me. Today I took them Rocky Road. I will leave the next flavor a mystery for that day and blog. I am impressed by the amount of things they have to do in Yukon, as it seems like a small, quaint town, yet very lively too. And of course, for those of you that are not from Oklahoma, you may not know this, but Yukon, OK is the home of the world renowned Country Music Legend, Garth Brooks!!! And yes, they have a Garth Brooks Blvd, which I think is pretty cool! I have been to Yukon many times now, so much so, that I don’t even need OnStar to help me get there anymore, but alas have not yet caught a glimpse of GB or his beautiful wife Trisha Yearwood. That would be a treat tho, and I would be so humbled and honored to meet them. I digress… Anyways….. I bought a new 150-500mm lens to do more with my sports photography, tis the season, and I have my eye on a 17-50mm 2.8 lens in the future. I hope everyone had a beautiful Friday and got to visit with some good friends like I did. Thanks again to the crew @ Baker’s! I look forward to our next visit! Love to all, Mandy :O)


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Hi all!!! I’m so excited! I took my mom to WF, TX Monday to find her some pretty new clothes for her bday that was the 21st. While down there I received a call from Kelly Pendergraft the Pres. of Blue Moon Productions, and he said Mr. Charlie Clark from the Lawton Constitution, wanted to know if I would let them use my pics from Fri night in the paper. I said sure! I took them over to Mr. Clark yesterday the 22, and then lo and behold… one of them was in today’s paper!!!! I was publised on the front page of the LC in the inset, and again in a larger picture (color I might add) on 4B of Styles!!!!! I mistakenly put on FB that it was the front page of Styles, but it’s not, I apologize for the misprint! It is however largely in Styles and I’m sooo excited!!! Speaking of pictures… I shall post a few here. Thanks for reading, following and supporting me! I look forward to our journeys together and where we can go on this fun, neverending, great ride! Love to all!!! Oh and PS: I went to Duncan to watch my Mikey and his 7th grade Ike Vikings play football, and they won 8-6! Duncan had not been scored on yet this year, let alone beat, so go Vikings! I also stayed for the 8th grade game to take pics, and they did a phenomenal job! They won 26-6! Unfotunately I also witnessed one of the young men from Duncan get very badly hurt last night. From what I understood after the poor boy stopped screaming and they got him some medical attention, he completely dislocated and detached his elbow. Yes, that required a trip in the ambulance. So I’d like everyone to pray for him and his family, that he will heal soon. He may play for the opposition, but I’m human and he’s a child of God just like the rest of us, and it could just as easily have been one of our boys, and I thank God it wasn’t.  So take care QB for Duncan 8th grade!

Ouch! That hurt!!!

Those of you among my friends that know me REALLLLLY well, you know that I have my clumsy moments. Today was a super duper one! The long story short, I was in my driveway, putting on make-up, and set the bag down, and tried to catch my purse and glasses falling off my leg! I inadvertently instead, jammed my fingernail (2nd finger of left hand) as hard and fast as I could into the steering wheel!!! I heard a loud “CRACK and POP!!!” noise, saw he back half of my solar nail had popped off, ouch a little but no big deal. THEN… the blood started pooling all around my nail-bed and I turned the car off, and quickly ran inside to do some first aid. All the while gritting my teeth and talking through my teeth saying “I am not, NOT going to cry!” and so I did not cry, but I wanted too! I investigated and found that while the top part of the solar was still strongly attached to my nail, my real nail was no longer completely attached to my nail-bed. Yes you read that correctly! and that my friends hurts realllly badly!!! It sends shockwaves of pain up to your elbow! Oh & don’t stick your exposed nerves into a cup of ice water!!! more PAIN and shockwaves! I washed it, put germ-x on it, patted it dry and superglued the perameter so no dirt can get in. Then I wrapped a strip of paper towel around my nail, (after gently clipping the length off) and found a use for the new zebra duct tape I bought on Saturday. This was not the plan I had in mind for it! LOL! Then I went to my little part time job, then home again to take my sweet mom to WF, TX to Lane Bryant to get her some new clothes for her birthday, which is tomorrow. We had fun because she was excited when I told her that the clothes she was wearing were 2 sizes smaller than she used to wear!!! Yay mom! (or Mima to the kids) We came home, she changed into her new clothes and then the whole family went to Sante Fe for her birthday dinner. My finger still hurts, btw! Glad it’s not my photography finger!!! I have football games to shoot tomorrow night! Well, love to all, gotta keep working on my website here, and I have some photog business to take care of.  Over & Out -Mandy :O)

It was a Blue Moon night…

Good evening all! I had a busy, busy day today!!! I am still working on putting pictures up, but I am official and have a website, and blog now!!! Yaaaahooooo! :O) I’m so excited to begin sharing my photography, thoughts and love with you all! I went to my part time job as an office manager this morning, then met my wonderful hubby for lunch, that we decided to make a carry out meal.. Then ran home and..ate.. Then I changed my hair style…oh yes, it’s shocking! But I love it!!! Then I finished getting my site up, thanks again to Robert Trawick!!! He is very knowledgeable and helpful! You Rock Robert! I know, I know some of you are thinking, didn’t she tag him yesterday in a thank you? Yes, yes I did! Why? Because he was a combat photog for 19 years, and taught at the combat photog school for his last year due to some injuries, and he knows what’s going on and wants to share what he knows and help people, like me, Suceed! So yah, that’s my rant on that today! lol! After getting my site the rest of the way up, I hurried and finished with my hair, and went to dinner at KOBE Steak and Sushi Restaurant here in Lawton with my charming, sweet husband. We got there with plenty of time to get to my friend Laura’s play on time, but had to wait about 12-15 minutes out front, then had to wait a good 20 minutes for our really nice chef to come to our table. By the time they finished with our hibachi style food, we were late to the play unfortunately. (sorry Laura and crew!) The food was good, service was great; but….I still LOVE my Samurai of Tokyo in Wichita Falls, TX more. It is worth the drive, for me and my hubby anyway.. 🙂 So we go to get in the car and guess what? We need gas! No time, just have to pray that we have enough to scoot across town and get to the play before we are any later! We got there around 15-20 past start time, I felt like such a huge lummox and distraction and apologized to the director Peggy Long at intermission. So, what did I see? I saw Squall put on by Blue Moon Productions with my good friend Laura Ewing and her co-star Janice Bear in it. The sound effects were great, not a line was missed, nor a queue(as far as I could tell anyway). All props were on deck and ready when needed.. Laura and Janice put on a wonderfully funny, yet moving and touching play tonight! It was really awesome and we thoroughly enjoyed it!! I will be posting pics of that as well. I will post on Blue Moon’s website first once I edit them, and then here. I want to thank the cast and crew of Squall, and especially Kelly Pendergraft Blue Moon Pres and Peggy Long – Director for allowing me to continue to build my portfolio by taking pictures of the crew after the play. I have been in a Blue Moon Production and I know they just want to go home after the play is over, but they were all very gracious and let me photograph them, so we can update the Blue Moon site, and my site as well. Okay friends, off to bed I go, I have a Business Photography class tomorrow to further my education. Becuase in the end, all we can take with us, is our knowledge. G’nite & Love to all!